How much do the images cost?

Image prices are based on the size of the photo you purchase,
meaning that you only need to pay for the size you require.

All images are Royalty Free, meaning that you pay once, and can then use the images completely free. Use the image completely free for any use. Permitted to manipulate purchased image. If working with your own customers, you buying the images to the end customer.

Purchasing an image is simple.
Once you have found an image you like, click on the 'Buy licens' button shown to the left of every photo. This will let you select the size of image you require, and view its price. Simply click on the 'Add to Cart' button to the right of the chosen size.

You may then continue shopping or go to the checkout, where you can pay using either your credit card, or PayPal. Once payment has been processed, you will automatically receive a link to download all of your images.

How do I download low resolution images?
If you would like to download low resolution image to test in your projects, simply find your chosen image, then click on the 'Low-Res File' button below the image. Opening an account also allows you to save your lightboxes.

Is there anything else I need to know?
All the images are priced on the basis of them being used within your organisation (or licensed on behalf of your client), and not sold on or given away. The images may not be used commercially in the field of wall decoration or photo art. The images may not be used in contexts that are illegal, pornographic, misleading, obscene or in any way offends. The images may not be used for purposes that compete with RoslagsBild.

Your credit card statement will show the purchase as 'Roslagsnet'.

25% VAT will be added to purchases.

Read more: Terms and Conditions