What format are the images?
All Oldstockphotos.com images are in JPG format. If you want a different format please contact us.

How do you byline?
The byline must always be specified when publishing. Photographer´s name/Image agency´s name,

e.g. Tommy A. Pettersson/Oldstockphotos.com

What is PayPal?
We have chosen to use PayPal for our payment solution. With PayPal, you pay quickly, easily and securely. PayPal is one of the world's largest players in online payments on the Internet. PayPal has over 100 million users worldwide. Payment can be made with your payment or credit card, or with an existing PayPal account. The payment is made via PayPal secure and encrypted connections and servers. Your account details and card numbers are not shown to anyone, not even to us. For more information about PayPal, visit the website www.paypal.com

What is subscription?
At the time of subscription you are entitled to download and use any photos on Oldstockphotos.com for a year. Thereafter, the images are deleted from storage media unless the subscription is renewed. Contact us for an annual subscription